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       I have recently decided that, as my three children are growing up and are a little more self-sufficient, it's high time that I picked up my painting again where I left off. I have never stopped painting completely, but it has been restricted mainly to sketchbooks which have always been an important part of my work and will invariably remain so.

        The garden has always been a cherished place to me, brought under control, suppressed and then cultivated in an ordered fashion and spending time in my own garden, whilst my children have been growing up has meant that I have planted and designed the borders in my own garden to inspire my sense of colour, shape and texture and often stand in amongst the plants painting them from life.

        I love creating atmosphere through light, colour and texture and the feeling of solace and tranquillity that the garden and wider landscape present. I produce my finished work  mainly in watercolour and mixed media working from sketchbooks and working drawings to create a 'Spirit of Place'.

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